January 5, 2013

Patience is a virtue….and Practice makes Perfect!

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So I’ve been out of the industry since 2000 really. I kept my license up after I left the salons and maintained skills working on friends and family, but eventually gave that up as well in 2003 and just worked on myself all this time until I decided to get back into doing that I love.

Needless to say, I’ve got a bit of rust to dust off and thankfully, the nail techs I’m working with at my current salon either dont want to do enhancements OR have been doing them for 20+ years so I have a good solid base of support and opportunity to work with.

The hard part is, I have to wait a bit until our department head feels my work is good enough when it comes to gels/acrylics. I get it – I dont want to put out sub-par work either and certainly not at the prices our high-end salon is charging! But it also makes for impatience on my part as I want to go go go!

So what then, have I been doing to in between clients for services I can do successfully (manis, pedis, gel polish, etc) to promote my education, experience and general practice? PRACTICE!

That’s right. When I dont have a client in my chair to work on, and I’m not out networking for new ones in the salon by offering hand massages, etc, I sit my butt down with my supplies and implements and get to work on practicing my pink and whites. (Single color I’m alright with, but the P&W I have to do a little more on.)

I highly recommend it to everyone. At the least, clients are seeing me working on something and looking busy, which always gives the impression that the salon is successful and bustling. It can also prompt curiosity and questions, which lead to opportunities for not only education, but revenue as well and potential clients for me. And, of course, it allows me to keep my skills up and get even better at what I’m doing.

I know this will all pay off, quite literally. But I just want those out there to also realize it is alright to practice, even with experience and especially without. It only makes you better!


December 31, 2012

New Years Resolutions for 2013

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As we end 2012 and head into 2013, it’s customary to create a list of new years resolutions – things we wish to change, incorporate or otherwise improve upon for the coming year. Resolutions have apparently been around since 2000 B.C. so they are, needless to say,  a long standing tradition. Generally speaking, I steer clear of partaking in this particular tradition being that I dont want to set myself up for failure. More importantly, I feel you should work through things continually and not just because its a new number on the calendar.

That being said, I’ve decided to do things a little differently this year as it is. I’ve been taking more calculated risks and look at resolutions more as a plan for the coming year.

For starters, I plan on being more creative. Nail art, damn good full sets, new ways to utilize what we currently have at the salon…these are all things I can do that are nail related. Outside of the salon, I plan on working on my make up more (which will be of a benefit inside the salon as well) and allow me to play a little with my confidence and identity. I also plan on doing more creative things at home. Craft projects, jewelry, gifts to exchange – it all can be creative.

Be Creative!

I also plan on being more adventurous. Take a few more chances and risks. Enjoy each day as it comes and not expect or plan otherwise. This will also help with work in that I wont get as frazzled when last minute walk-ins are tacked on and help me get faster with my services.

Learn more. This can never be stressed enough. We grow stagnant and we loose interest unless we keep pushing ourselves to learn more, educate ourselves and add to our skills. I plan on not only looking into Continuing Education courses, but also to see if I can add product demos and certifications to my resume this year. This will help me not only at work, but in my general confidence in my abilities and expand on the services I already offer as well as benefit me outside of the salon by making me more marketable. I also want to learn more about fashion, designers, history, etc.

Expand is another one. Not only am I trying to expand work wise, but also in my personal life. Get out more. Do more. I’m also expanding to include PartyLite to my ability to generate more money. This should also help get me out of the house more as well.

PartyLite – Candles and Accessories for everyone!

Most importantly, however, and on a purely personal note, I want to stop focusing on the negative within myself and focus on the positive and good things about me. I fall into the general malaise of not thinking I’m good enough, or that I can do better, and forget to look at the amazing and wonderful things I do. I know that sounds conceited to a degree, but I took a huge risk this year in going back into the beauty industry to follow a career as a nail technician and it’s paying off. It took an awful lot of faith and trust in myself that I could do it, and I’ve been rewarded with a great salon and staff to work with, as well as a family who not only supports me but encourages me to follow that path and clients who make my day.

Resolutions should be about positives – not the negative things. What good do you want to do in 2013?

December 29, 2012

The Importance of Pedi’s….

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I love to do pedicures. I know, I know. There are plenty of people out there that ask me HOW I can do that all day. I mean, c’mon….it’s someones elses (gulp) FEET!


There is this stigma about feet. You either love them or hate them. Personally, I dont have a foot fetish, nor do I abhor feet in general. I’m basically indifferent to feet. HOWEVER what I love about providing a pedicure service is that not only can it be a beautification experience for my client, it’s also major maintenance – and maintenance that is much needed at that, even by those that are religious pedi-zealots!

Even more important than that though, is being able to make someone else feel, at least for that 60 – 80 minutes, as though the world is alright, there aren’t any cares in the world, and they can just BE for a little while. I mean, really, how often do we get that experience on a regular basis (if we adhere to the recommended 1 – 2 pedicures a month regiment!)

Pedicures have many benefits, including the removal of dead skin, massage stimulates blood flow, and products such as scrubs, masques and paraffin treatments, along with lotions, add moisture and rehydrate dry, chapped and generally malnourished tootsies. Not to mention, having someone else cut and file your nails is far easier than doing it yourself and running the risk of over cutting them yourself and causing ingrown toenails.

Think about it – even the military teaches that if your feet aren’t happy, the rest of your body isn’t happy. Sure, you can attempt to do it all yourself, but can you honestly say that you can properly clip, file and tend to your nails, push back your cuticles, exfoliate and massage your feet and legs, as wells as remove callouses without contorting your body into positions only seen in the Kama Sutra or Cirque Du Soleil?!

This, I find, to be even more important for the men of our species, who seem to have this horrible aversion to anything that may possible been construed as feminine when it comes to personal hygiene. I’d like to start a campaign to change this particular method of thinking, because honestly ladies, they generally need it even more than we do. We may cram our feet into BDSM level pointed toeboxes complete with 5+ inch heels, but we’re brought up to tend to our toes, and keep them looking, and more importantly, FEELING amazing.

December 24, 2012

I’ve been remiss in my duties as blogger! (and Christmas Wishes)

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So my apologies there in for not only NOT posting anything in a while (whew!) but for also not participating as I had hoped I’d be able to in the Take Two Nail Art Challenge!

This month has gotten to be insane at the salon and I’ve been especially busy in the new location leading up to Christmas and the New Years push. This is a marvelous thing obviously! But it also makes for a very tired and sleepy me when I get home and with family and what not, you get the picture I’m sure!

But here is to hoping that this wonderful, insane and chaotic schedule keeps up for a few months and even continues to grow (as I’m not as solidly booked yet as I’d like to be!) That is my Christmas Wish.

My Christmas wish for the rest of you (should I be unable to post tomorrow in between visits from family, last minute errands and gift findage and wrapping!) is that you have a blessed, peaceful and happy holiday followed by a prosperous and lucrative year full of health, happiness and love.


December 9, 2012

Take Two Day Eight – Polka Dots

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And for my second entry this day – I offer up oolka dots!

These didnt come out -quite- the way I had envisioned. I was wanting to do bubbles, so hat they were a bit more ephemeral and not so solid, but I was in a bit of a rush and this is what happens when I rush! I still liked them, just they were exactly what I was going for.

Take Two Day Eight - Polka Dots

Take Two Day Eight – Polka Dots


Wont be able to to work on days nine and ten until Monday when I’m back in the salon. I stupidly left my whole nail art kit in my station so I didnt have it today to work with. Schoolwork also kinda got in the way of that too, but hard to paint purty stuffs when you dont have the proper tools to do it!

I’ll catch up this week, and have more for you soon! I do intend on doing all 31 days somehow! 😉



Take Two Day Seven – Black and White Nails

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Day Seven! (though I’m a little late due to schoolwork!) and it’s my favorite colors – Black and White!

I’m actually not all that pleased with these, though I did get a number of compliments at work after I finished them with top coat. I’m still my own worst critic it seems!

Take Two Day Seven - Black and WHite

Take Two Day Seven – Black and White

Basically it’s just a freeform black swirly design on white. It was also the first day in the brand new salon, so I was still trying to get my bearings on where everything was. Thankfully (for that and not my pocketbook!) It was an exceptionally slow day so I was able to whip these out without much interference.

I’ll be posting day eight in a few minutes and will likely be a little behind on days nine and ten until I can catch up on Monday!

December 7, 2012

Take Two Day Six – Inspired By An Animal

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Okay, well not so much, since I didnt choose an animal that generally makes much noise. But I wanted to do something a little different then the usual animals found in nail art.

So I give you: Tortoise Shell Nails!

Take Two Day Six - Tortoise Shell

Take Two Day Six – Tortoise Shell



Again I used acrylic on polish. Mainly because I wanted to make sure the colors were exactly how I wanted them to be for the effect.

Was basing it off of:

Hope you all enjoy them!

December 6, 2012

Take Two Day Five – Inspired by a Cartoon

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Eyup! Cartoon Time! I was having an issue trying to decide which of the many cartoons I enjoyed to do nails on. Jem and the Holograms. Thundercats. What to do, what to do?

Then a coworker suggested, almost as a joke, that I do Phineas and Ferb!


So here we go!

Take Two Day Five - Cartoons!

Take Two Day Five – Cartoons!

The picture is a little blurry, especially on Ferb, but I’m rather proud of them. Acrylic on Polish again.

December 4, 2012

Take Two Nail Art Challenge Day Four – Flowers

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And we’ve got headway into day four for the Take Two Nail Art Challenge sponsored by Nailed It NZ, From L&P to English Tea and A Girl with some Clothes!

Todays challenge is: FLOWERS

So for todays challenge I went with cherry blossoms. Decided to do a french, then use the blossoms to accent the smile line. I do hope that you like them for today!

Take Two Day Four - Flowers!

Take Two Day Four – Flowers!

 The French was done with polish, but the flowers and stems were again done with acrylic paints.

Take Two Nail Art Challenge Day Three – Inspired By Your Country

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So we’re on to Day Three of the Take Two Nail Art Challenge sponsored by Nailed It NZ, From L&P To English Tea, and A Girl with some Clothes!

Day Three is “Inspired By Your Country”

Take Two Day Three

Take Two Day Three

I did some art that reminded me of the US – The Statue of Liberty, A Bald Eagle, The Liberty Bell and a Lantern. I’m not all that happy about how it came out; but then again I’m always my own worst critic!

Take Two Day Three Challenge - Inspired By Your Country

Take Two Day Three Challenge – Inspired By Your Country

This is again acrylic on polish. The Lantern may be a little obscure, but its one of the things I think of when I think about how this country was founded and Paul Reveres ride out of Boston pending the raising of the lanterns from the Old North Church. I wanted to do the church, but that’s just too much detail to put into a little nail (for now!)


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